Sunday, August 28, 2016

API to Create Organization

Salam Alaikum,

   I share with you today the API used to create organiztion in HR.

   *Please note that the values in the API are hard-coded.

l_date                    date           := to_date('01-jan-2000','DD-MON-YYYY');
l_true                    boolean     := false;
l_business_group_id        number        := 626;
l_language_code            varchar2(10)    := 'US';
l_name                    varchar2(80)    := 'NJ TEST ORG';
l_internal_external_flag    varchar2(80)    := 'INT';
l_organization_id         number;
l_object_version_number        number;
l_duplicate_org_warning        boolean;

   (  p_validate                      =>     l_true
     ,p_effective_date                =>    l_date
     ,p_language_code                 =>    l_language_code
     ,p_business_group_id             =>    l_business_group_id
     ,p_date_from                     =>    l_date
     ,p_name                          =>    l_name
     ,p_internal_external_flag        =>    l_internal_external_flag
     ,p_organization_id               =>    l_organization_id
     ,p_object_version_number         =>    l_object_version_number
     ,P_duplicate_org_warning          =>    l_duplicate_org_warning

  Hope you found it useful, feel free to leave a comment if have any note on the subject.  

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