Monday, December 15, 2014

Query to get all Business Group's Mapped with thier Legal Entities

Salam Alaikum,

   I share with you guys this query that can used to get Business group information, along with their Legal entities.

                hroutl_bg.NAME bg,
                lep.NAME legal_entity,
                hroutl_ou.NAME ou_name,
                hroutl_ou.organization_id org_id,
  FROM xle_entity_profiles lep,
       xle_registrations reg,
       hr_locations_all hrl,
       hz_parties hzp,
       fnd_territories_vl ter,
       hr_operating_units hro,
       hr_all_organization_units_tl hroutl_bg,
       hr_all_organization_units_tl hroutl_ou,
       hr_organization_units gloperatingunitseo,
       gl_legal_entities_bsvs glev
 WHERE     lep.transacting_entity_flag = 'Y'
       AND lep.party_id = hzp.party_id
       AND lep.legal_entity_id = reg.source_id
       AND reg.source_table = 'XLE_ENTITY_PROFILES'
       AND hrl.location_id = reg.location_id
       AND reg.identifying_flag = 'Y'
       AND ter.territory_code =
       AND lep.legal_entity_id = hro.default_legal_context_id
       AND gloperatingunitseo.organization_id = hro.organization_id
       AND hroutl_bg.organization_id = hro.business_group_id
       AND hroutl_ou.organization_id = hro.organization_id
       AND glev.legal_entity_id = lep.legal_entity_id;
Note: the query might need mild modification based on the setup you have.

Hope you found it useful guys, feel free to leave a comment if have any note on the subject.

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