Thursday, January 11, 2018

How to use Profile Option In Oracle E-Business Suite Reports

Salam Alaikum,

   Many times we must use the profile options in our developed reports in Oracle E-Business Suite, and in order to do so we must add a simple code to the custom report (in the RDF File).

  In Oracle R12 and with the introduction of Multi Org Feature, we must initialize in the custom report in order to initialize the global variables in the context of the user running the report.

*if you need to check out a list of the most used profile options and a simple description about them you can check the below link:

   The API SRW.USER_EXIT('FND SRWINIT') needs to called in the BeforeReport Trigger.


   The API SRW.USER_EXIT('FND SRWEXIT') needs to called in the AfterReport Trigger.

Hope you found it useful, feel free to leave a comment if have any note on the subject.  

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